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Proposal To Encourage Youth Interest In Local Government

Several months ago, I read a Free Lance Star article that highlighted a program administered by the Stafford government and local Stafford High Schools. The program allows for local high school students to participate in a mock Board of Supervisors meeting to gain first-hand experience and knowledge about local government.

As a relatively young citizen myself, I have become increasingly concerned with the negative sentiment which surrounds individuals that are public servants and those pursuing public office. This has generated a fear of mine that if continued, the best and brightest of the next generation will shun becoming involved and avoid service, which will leave us with less capable and desirable public officials. The objective of developing such a program in Spotsy would be to encourage and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Certainly, logistical details would need to be discussed and work would need to be done with the schools to organize such a program. However, getting our youth excited about government service, if only to make them more engaged private citizens would be a great benefit to them as well as the entire community.  

Todd Rump