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2019 Spotsylvania Elections

2019 Election Introduction

In November 2019, four (Chancellor, Courtland, Livingston, and Salem Districts) Spotsylvania County Supervisors and School Board seats will be up for election.

As candidates make themselves known, I will work to keep the community informed on who is running, their priorities, and how they are campaigning. Until otherwise informed, I’ll assume all incumbents are running for re-election. Based on social media, former Lee Hill District School Board member Amanda Blalock appears to be challenging Supervisor McLaughlin in the Chancellor district. However, no candidate can be officially registered until 2019.

As an initial disclaimer, I will not favor or promote one candidate over another. If a candidate does something news worthy, I will give equal space to their opponent. I will not make judgements on their platforms or their policy initiatives. I will identify when inconsistent statements are made or when unclear or vague policy initiatives are presented.

The people of Spotsylvania deserve regular, useful, and unbiased delivery of information to make educated decisions when they vote. I will thrive to make this site serve those ends. If you come across any updates or insights feel free to share them on the page. They will only be removed if they are deemed slanderous or unverifiable. There are too many sites seeking to confuse, divert, and promote political propaganda. This site serves to counter those negative influencers, present voters with facts in a clear and concise manner, and help draw attention to items that matter to our community.

Supervisors up for re-election are:

  • Chancellor - Tim McLaughlin

  • Courtland - David Ross

  • Livingston - Greg Benton

  • Salem -Paul Trampe

School Board members up for re-election are:

  • Chancellor - Dawn Shelley

  • Courtland - James A. Meyer

  • Livingston - Kirk Twigg

  • Salem - William M. Blaine Jr.

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