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July 17, 2019 - Planning Commission Meeting (WITH VIDEO LINK)

The Spotsylvania Planning Commission will meet on July 17th at 7:00 p.m. in the Holbert Building.

County staff will provide a report on Enforcement and Vehicle Sales

There are three public hearing scheduled:

  • Special Use Permit: AT&T at Peace United Methodist (Courtland District) - AT&T Telecom at Peace United Methodist requests Code of Va Sec. 15.2-2232 review and special use permit approval for a 105-foot monopole communication tower with a 4-foot lightning rod, for a total of 109 feet, on two parcels together constituting 8.829 acres zoned Residential 1. The properties are located on Maple Grove Drive (Rt. 1115) at its intersection with Blake Drive (Rt. 1116). Staff recommends approval with conditions.

  • Special Use Permit: Virginia Railway Express (Berkeley District) - Requests a special use permit to allow the expansion of an existing railway maintenance yard on a parcel consisting of approximately 30.27 acres currently zoned Industrial 1 (I-1). Staff recommends approval with conditions.

  • Special Use Permit - continued from last meeting: Shirley Ann Ali and Bashar Itraish (Mazari Motors) (Courtland District) - Request to allow vehicle sale, rental, and ancillary service establishment (small scale) on a 1.18 acre parcel Commercial zoned property. The property is located at the intersection of Courthouse road and Ewell Road, roughly 1,250 feet from Route 1. on the west side of Route 1 roughly 820 feet north of Spotsylvania Parkway. Staff recommends approval with conditions.

Click here to review the full agenda.

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