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Transparency, Access, Reliability – My Purpose as your Supervisor

When you go to cast your vote on November 7th, you are declaring your support not just for a set of political positions, but for an individual’s personal character, competency, dedication, and vision for the future.

My vision is a simple one and transcends any political positions that currently exist or that may face our community in the future: Transparency, Access, and Reliability. These three words will serve as cornerstones to my leadership. What do they mean?

Transparency: If our leaders are transparent they will increase the community’s confidence in local government by increasing information flow to the community while going that extra step to provide insights to their decision-making process and government operations. To this end, I have maintained a website since March that provides information about the community and insights into how I view issues that face the community. As your supervisor, I will continue these acts to keep you informed and bring greater transparency to local government.

Access: At the local level, I firmly believe our leaders should go out of their way to be accessible to the community. This requires flexibility and a desire to be available to constituents to allow them opportunities to express their thoughts and concerns in a way most convenient for them. I plan to expand accessibility in the following ways:

-Maintain a “contact me” page on my website.

-Maintain a strong social media presence.

-Continue traditional email and phone availability.

 -Hold regular townhalls to encourage in-person exchanges among those in the community throughout the year, not just when contentious issues require one. This increased access will allow you the opportunity to hold me accountable and to allow me to hear your concerns more regularly in a more personal setting.

Reliability: As an independent candidate who is self-funding my campaign, you can be assured that my decisions will be based on the full scope of facts. I will be open to community insights from all walks of life and to new information as I navigate important community issues that affect your daily lives. We will disagree for sure on some issues, but I believe over time we will reach an agreement that my decisions are consistent and made in the spirit of treating everyone fairly and equally.

I believe it is important that leaders set an example for those around them and encourage others to do more than they initially believed was possible. I recognize words alone are no substitute for action. This is why, as your supervisor, I will continue to serve the community with the Mental Health America of Fredericksburg Senior Visitors Program, support the children in the community with CASA, and the sight-impaired with the Spotsylvania Lions Club.

I’m running because I have the competency, dedication, and courage to represent you. I’m running because I think with forward looking strong leadership, that the future will be bright in Spotsylvania County. With your support on November 7th, you will receive a supervisor that exerts relentless effort each day to ensure that your best interests are protected.

Todd Rump

Todd Rump