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August 3, 2017 Free Lance Star Article – Chancellor Volunteer Fire and Rescue Declining Members Highlights Greater Need for Volunteerism

On July 11, the Board of Supervisors authorized the hiring of 6 additional personnel to staff Fire Station 5, due to recent struggles by the Chancellor Volunteer Fire and Rescue to provide consistent manning on night and weekends, Click here for the information presented to the Board on July 11.

Lee Hill residents receive Fire and Rescue coverage services on nights and weekends from the Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department and the Spotsylvania Volunteer Rescue Squad. These volunteers ultimately save the county money as highlighted in the Free Lance Star.

Chancellor Volunteer Fire and Rescue has served county residents since 1956. Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department has served since 1947. The Spotsylvania Volunteer Rescue Squad since 1974. They all have proud traditions and the county appreciates their service as well as their personal sacrifices and the added benefits they provide outside their official duties in the community.

The unfortunate reality is that we are growing faster than the volunteer organizations can expand. This problem is compounded by a reduction of the amount of time citizens are able to serve the community. In this regard, I felt the retired Chancellor Volunteer Mr. Hedge offers a fair critique, that my generation is not doing enough, although other factors are certainly at play for this decline.

Being a leader in the community is not just about making good decisions and being responsive to concerns of your constituents. It’s also about setting an example for others to follow and using your platform to inspire those in the community to do more and elevate those already doing the demanding work in the community to make the community better and safer.

Despite my campaign, I have not reduced my volunteer commitments and have, when applicable, highlighted organizations and groups that are serving the community in the shadows of our daily lives. If elected you can have confidence that I will continue these activities in the hopes that we can increase awareness and inspire volunteerism.

Todd Rump