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May 1, 2017 – School Board Approves the Fiscal Year 2018 School Budget

On May 1st, the FY18 Spotsy School Board Budget was approved 6-1. It included a two percent pay raise for teachers, which will be slightly reduced in real terms due to an increase in their health insurance premiums. Some cuts were necessary to address the roughly 2 million dollar budget shortfall between the proposed School budget and the County transfer from the Board of Supervisors.

I understand the School budget is based on the School Board's priorities and not subject to the desires of the Board of Supervisors. However, if elected I would advocate that the school athletic fee be immediately eliminated. I understand the conditions that led to its adoption in 2010. But studies have shown that any athletic fee impedes children's ability to play sports. I understand there is a waiver for low-income children. However, one should not have to feel a shamed by filling out a waiver to play a sport. Especially when the benefits of competition and camaraderie will probably do more to promote that child's success than a nominal increase in classroom instruction. Competetion provides the intangibles one needs to succeed. 

As a candidate for supervisor, I support striking a balance between supporting school needs with not having yearly tax rate escalations. I have also in the previous three years listened to parents, teachers, and community members lobby to fully support the School Board's budget. Passionately arguing that this money is about investing in our kids. I agree, which is why I am surprised that such a fee that introduces a potential impediment to playing sports and developing a child's skills and confidence remains in effect.

I'll cede partial credit to the School Board for again lowering the fee this year, but they fell $50 short of what should have been the objective.

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Todd Rump