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April 2, 2017 Free Lance Star Article – Allegations of School Board Wasteful Spending Continue

Click here to read the Free Lance Star article. My thoughts are below.

When one considers the implications of promoting public assertions of gross mismanagement of funds, one should proceed with caution. There is certainly nothing improper or wrong with wanting to ensure tax money is spent wisely. But the line between investigating and persecuting is a very fine one, and some citizens are beginning to step over it repeatedly.

During the budget season, an overwhelming amount of energy is directed toward the school budget with noticeably less to other departments. Are we to assume only the schools are vulnerable to government waste? There is always the possibility that school budget spending could be more efficient, but the microscopic evaluation of recent years has failed to uncover any major conspiracy to defraud or casually expend our tax dollars. If the examples that have been highlighted are the most glaring examples that exist, I feel generally comfortable with the job of the school’s budget proceedings. This is not to say that, if elected, the schools would automatically receive all requested funds. There would be a civil discussion over the mandated and necessary costs to meet our obligations to the citizens, while encouraging the School Board to justify the importance for any requested budget increase.

Every citizen has the inherent right to review budgets and hold their elected officials accountable. I will encourage and support any Spotsy citizen working toward those ends, even if that evaluation is one day directed at me. However, if a citizen seeks to publicly damage the character of a public official or government body with unsubstantiated accusations, they will and must be met with resistance.  


Todd Rump