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Why I’m Running for Lee Hill Supervisor

People have often asked me why I am running for Lee Hill Supervisor. I often don’t have the best response, mostly because I’m not focused on a single issue or have one simple reason for running. My reasons run deep and have only grown stronger over time. Ultimately, it comes down to one thing, I am sincerely concerned about the current state of political discourse.

As I’ve gone door-to-door in Lee Hill, I sense the majority of our community is seeking leadership that keeps them informed, listens to their concerns, and puts forth effort to work toward finding reasonable solutions to our problems.

In a three person race, the next Lee Hill Supervisor will need to be capable and have a unrelenting desire to serve the entire district, not just those that supported them. In this spirit, I have based my campaign exclusively on my platform and proposed solutions. If I am fortunate to serve as your supervisor, I must be in a position to bring the community together. This would be impossible if I were to attack my opponents or create hysteria by elevating contentious issues for political gain. These acts would leave the community more polarized and render me unable to govern. 

We can have debates about the problems we face and the solutions to address them. But if the prerequisite for being elected in today’s society is to primarily disparage one’s opponents or rile up voters with hyperbole and misleading statements while neglecting to provide viable solutions, than I am probably not a good person for this position.

If we are going to be successful at keeping our community working together we need leadership that has vision, but also has the courage to tell their constituents facts and information they may not want to hear but need to hear. Leaders that make decisions that may be at the moment unpopular, but are in the best long-term interest of the community.

The problems we face are far too vast and complicated to have rigid and close-minded leaders. We need leaders with the ability to adapt, change course when the situation demands it, and be open-minded and receptive to views that run counter to their own.

We will disagree on issues from time-to-time, but through civil dialogue, I believe we will come away with more understanding of each other’s concerns and desires as we chart a course toward what is best for the community.

I believe I have demonstrated this type of leadership by providing the Lee Hill voters unparalleled access to insights into my thinking on contentious issues, offered proposals to address our problems, and when going door-to-door answered your questions honestly even if I knew that honesty could cost me your vote.

I think it is important for leaders to be direct and honest with their prospective constituents and that is what I’ve tried to do over the last year. On November 7th, it will be time for you to decide what type of leader you want.

Todd Rump