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Recap of the Another Day Suicide Prevention and Awareness Walk

In my view, a major duty of leaders is to use their platform to not only acknowledge the great work done by members in the community, but also help them raise awareness to services they provide to those that need assistance.

Yesterday, I attended for the second time, the annual Another Day Suicide Prevention & Awareness Walk held in the Spotsylvania Courthouse area. 100% of the funds raised stay local to provide suicide prevention in our schools and community. Last year, roughly 3,500 middle and high school students were introduced to signs of suicide. These large events don’t occur without the steadfast dedication and hard work of individuals in the community that are passionate about making a difference. In that spirit, I would like to commend those in the community working behind-the-scenes to raise awareness and help to ensure those in need get the resources and treatment for a multitude of mental health issues. Rita Girard is the Mental Health America of Fredericksburg Executive Director. Teresa Bowers is the Senior Visitors Program Director. Amy Jones is the organizer of the Suicide Prevention Walk. Rita, Teresa, and Amy spent the better part of their morning yesterday thanking people for their support to suicide prevention and mental health. This morning, I take the time to thank them for all their efforts!

Todd Rump