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County Administrator Departing Post in April

Click here to read Scott Shenk’s Free Lance-Star article.

Spotsy residents should not overlook the importance of the County Administrator position, because they essentially serve as the firewall between County services and the Board of Supervisors.

As an observation, I think Mr. Taylor's tenure should draw mixed reviews. On one hand, I think publicly he promoted and defended his staff well, particularly when it came to the recent controversial matters with Social Services. On the other hand, I'm unsure if he did enough to move the Board of Supervisors toward the levels of services that the community seems to need.

As an example, in a recent year’s budget presentation, Mr. Taylor proclaimed that he was fulfilling his promise not to recommend a tax increase. Afterwards, I wondered what might have been cut from that budget to ensure that Mr. Taylor could fulfill that promise? I expect the County Administrator to propose a fiscally reasonable budget plan that enhances the services to our expanding community and not make arbitrary promises. I understand this is a difficult job, because you have the ability to place the Board of Supervisors in difficult positions and essentially your job security hinges on their satisfaction - so with that in mind maybe Mr. Taylor did better than what meets the eye.

Nonetheless, pay attention to who the Supervisors choose as their next County Administrator, because it will give you some insights into their vision for the future.

Todd RumpComment