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State Senator Proposes Budget Amendment to Address Solar Power Accountability Gap

On May 14th, State Senator Bryce Reeves of the 17th District, and Fawn Lake Community resident, proposed a budget amendment to the Senate Finance committee to close what he described as a “gaping hole in our current system” governing solar power clean-up and environmental impacts.

Reeves’ Solar Power Accountability Act seeks to “ensure the developers of solar power generation plants meet the same accountability standards as other commercial and residential energy developers.” The amendment would require solar power generation utilities to secure a performance and reclamation bond to not only pay for any environmental disasters, but also any problems during the decommissioning process.

The Finance Committee has yet to take a stance on Reeves’ proposed amendment as of May 23rd.

On May 23rd, the State Corporation Commission held another public hearing on the proposed solar facility located in western Spotsylvania. Case documents can be found here.

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