Spotsy News and Information


Mission Statement


The purpose of this site is to inform Spotsylvania citizens of ongoing developments, news, and community meetings. For transparency, this site is solely administered by Todd Rump, citizen of the Lee Hill District. I can be reached through facebook or at

My belief is that there is nothing more important for our community than to be well informed with the facts presented without a political agenda. My intent will be to present county developments in a consumable manner, provide additional context, and when needed highlight news stories to better enable citizens to hold officials accountable.

I pledge to work to check my biases and present you with information that is accurate, with context and sources, so that you may check my work. If an error is made, I will do my best to correct it. I appreciate your feedback and if you feel I missed something or feel I got it wrong, let me know. You won't be attacked on these pages.