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Two Supervisors Disagree on Handling of Child Welfare Case

Several weeks ago, I highlighted my sense that County Supervisors were placing County staff in compromising situations. Unfortunately, this trend continues. On Tuesday, the County’s Social Service Director was unnecessarily placed in the cross fires of a sensitive issue. During his Board Report, Supervisor Skinner asked the Social Service Director to answer questions about a controversial child welfare case. Supervisor Ross took offense to this development as well as Mr. Skinner speaking on the matter and not providing him with material before his statement. Mr. Ross has some valid points here. However, when Mr. Ross had a chance to respond, he refrained from calling out Mr. Skinner, but instead chose to highlight failures of County staff for neglecting to turn on an out of office message and providing him with incorrect guidance.

Whether you are engaged with politics or not, how our leaders decide to address issues matter. These decisions set the tone for debate and dialogue in the community and too often I’m left wondering whether the Supervisors appreciate this dynamic. If some portion of the Supervisor’s Code of Ethics prohibits directing criticism toward another Board member, then perhaps that needs to change, especially if the alternative is directing criticism toward those individuals not at liberty to defend themselves.

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Todd RumpComment