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Statistics and Effects of Eviction in Spotsylvania

Check out Adele Uphaus-Conner’s article on local eviction rates. A new eviction database highlights that in parts of Spotsylvania the eviction rate is close to 20 percent. The County average is 5.6 evictions per 100 rental properties, which is well above the 2.3 national average. While there are limitations to addressing this issue, we can not isolate ourselves from the affects to the community, such as higher crimes rates, increase dedication needed by the Sheriff Department to serve the evictions and the long term effects on children that have no stable housing environment. Awareness is a good first step. But a community discussion should follow to evaluate if reasonable cost effective solutions can be implemented.

Click here for the full Free Lance-Star article.

Click here for a companion article that highlights a local family that has struggled with eviction.

Todd RumpComment