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Spotsylvania Water Fluoridation Topic Refuses To Go Away

The topic that does not seem to want to go away…water fluoridation in Spotsylvania County. The Free Lance-Star recently reported that Board of Supervisors Chairman Benton expressed interest in surveying Spotsylvania residents on their opinion on water fluoridation, despite the 4-3 vote to keep the additive in County water.

One of the primary sticking points with Chairman Benton appears to be that most of the positive feedback for water fluoridation was from individuals outside of Spotsylvania. While this is a true statement, it's unclear how many fluoride experts reside inside the County either.

The concept of allowing a Spotsy resident to decide such an issue as this is not good policy or good governance. This is a technical question that should be left to the experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and more locally the Rappahannock Health Department. While there may be new science yet to be discovered on this issue, we should have more faith that our institutions will alert the public if these practices are dangerous more so than a citizen providing their gut feeling with no background expertise or understanding on a topic. Each of the seven members of the Board were elected to make these sorts of decisions, after consultation with experts. If such a trivial decision as water fluoridation goes before the people, why not the tax rate, or school funding – issues that have a major impact of people’s everyday lives?

In the event this course of action is pursued, hopefully it will be done openly and proceeded with only after a Board vote with very clear parameters. Such as what level of responses will be required and what percentage not in favor would be needed to override a decision made by our elected officials? Anything less than that would further the perception that the survey was conducted to circumvent the traditional governing process, because a few were unhappy with the outcome.  

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