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Board Changes to Public Presentations Coming Soon

On October 9th, the Board of Supervisors provided direction to County staff to alter their public presentation times. The change will be formally voted on at the October 23rd meeting. The change will add a separate comment period following the Country Administrator’s summary of the Consent Agenda. After the summary, the public could comment on any Consent Agenda items before the Board votes on them. Once the Consent Agenda is approved, a public presentation period would be held that would allow citizens to speak on any topic not covered by a scheduled public hearing. This was proposed to make more efficient use of County staff member’s time, as they are currently required to be present until the Consent Agenda is approved, in the event there are questions.

County Museum Moving to Lick Run Community Center

On September 25th, the Board of Supervisors voted 7-0 to move the County Musuem from the Merchant Square Building to the current Lick Run Community Center. The museum curator believes that the museum will receive more visitors if it is located closer to the battlefields. County staff will be bringing back options to potentially build a new community center on the Lick Run property. The move will likely lead to the development of the first floor of the Merchant Square Building to office space to allow for the expansion of Department of Social Services (DSS) operations. The future use of the Mechant Square Building was discussed but no vote was held. 

Special Service District (SSD) Tax Proposal Tabled For Now

On September 25th, Supervisor McLaughlin motioned to table indefinitely the SSD proposal for Jackson Village and Alexander Crossing. Mr. McLaughlin stated that more research was needed on the proposal. Since Mr. McLaughlin gave no specific issues that needed to be researched further, it raises questions to why the delay was needed. Supervisor Yakabouski did not agree with the delay and believed it only leaves uncertainty for the two projects.

 Animal Shelter Project Update

The Board of Supervisors without objection gave County staff direction to move forward with evaluating the bids received for the renovation and expansion of the County Animal Shelter. This will allow County staff to determine whether the bids were responsive and responsible. The bids came in with a high of $7.5 million and a low bid of $5.93 million. The County currently has close to $6 million set aside for the project.

Marshall Center Future Update

The Board was provided preliminary cost estimates for the Marshall Center renovations. The costs at a minimum to just modernize the building are estimated to be $3.4 million. The Board took no action on the Marshall Center and County staff will continue to update the Board as new information is received. 

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